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July 28, 2020 4 min read

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Gymnastics is a wonderful sport that is particularly enjoyable for kids. It is a great way to keep a child active and flexible. You can hone your child’s gymnastics skills by setting up a home gymnastics training pad containing the eight best gymnastics equipment for kids. These items are the essentials for gymnastics training and will enable your child to develop a wide range of gymnastics skills.

Floor Balance Beam

Floor Balance Beam - Springee

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A floor balance beam is exactly what its name implies: it is a balance beam that you place on the floor. The elevated bar is used for training and improving one’s sense of balance. This particular balance beam from Springee offers four inches of elevation. It is coated in durable suede covering that is comfortable on the foot. Its core is also made of durable foam so that your child can prevent falling off and getting injured.

The entire balance beam only weighs 5.5 pounds so it is so easy to transport from one spot to another. It is also foldable so it is easy to store and also extremely portable.

Tumbling Mat

Tumbling Mats - Springee

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A tumbling mat is a rubber mat that cushions a child’s feet and body upon landing. It is a good place to practice tumbling and other gymnastic exercises.

Thinner mats are great for lower-impact activities. They provide you with enough stability so that you can brace yourself against a stable surface and retain your sense of balance. Thicker mats are better for cushioning and shock absorption. Tumbling mats come in different thicknesses, from 1.5 inches, 2 inches, to 2.5 inches. Choose one that would cater to your child’s needs and skillsets.

Kip Bar

Kip Bar - Springee

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A kip bar is a training bar specifically designed for children. It can be set at a height of three feet to five feet and with a load resistance of up to a hundred and twenty-five pounds. It is used for training kids to perform complicated gymnastics tricks like back hip circles, casts, and kips.

A kip is a gymnastics move where the gymnast swiftly goes from hanging below the bar to getting the bar at the waist level. It is quite challenging and you can expect to master it in a month or two of consistent training, depending on your degree of upper body strength.

Jungle Bars Or Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars - Springee

Most jungle bars or monkey bars have a height of three feet to four point three feet. It is a great way to practice different gymnastics routines like kips, casts, and hip circles. It is also great for improving your upper body strength and carrying out different exercises that will improve such areas, like pullups, lateral pullups, swinging pull-ups, bar dips, leg raises, assisted pistols, and more.

Swing Bar

Holding A Bar - Springee

A swing bar is another essential gymnastics equipment that your child should have. The more technical apparatus used for training young gymnasts is called uneven bars. They are metal frames designed to make the gymnast transition from bar to bar without making contact with the floor.

Uneven bars are usually set at different heights to challenge the gymnast. If your child is a beginner, you can start with a single swing bar on which he can practice swings, kips, and casts. You might also want to use some white chalk on the palms of the child to improve the grip and to make transitions more seamless.


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Vault - Springee

A vault refers to both a gymnastics apparatus and a gymnastics move. Its origin word translates to “horse” because of its shape. It is a rod that is propped up by the legs and it is used to perform vaulting, a gymnastics trick. It is set perpendicularly for women and parallel for men.

Vaulting is performed by running down the runway which is usually carpeted or padded with a thick material. After running, the gymnast must hurdle into a springboard and then land on the vault on their hands. This can escalate into another tumble or they can simply hold their position, depending on the severity and classification of the trick.

Gymnastic Physio Ball

Physio Ball - Springee

This is an inflatable ball that is used to improve core strength and the user’s sense of balance. It has a double ball design that makes it easier to use by kids. The wide saddle will provide more stability so as to ensure the safety of any child who uses it.

The great thing about a physioball is its versatility. You can use it as a yoga ball and use it for other workouts to improve the overall strength of your body.


Spring Board -  Springee

The springboard is often used in partnership with a vault. It is literally a board with a spring system and it is designed to catapult the gymnast forward and upward. It is great for increasing the jump height as well as for assisting certain gymnast tricks. This platform may have one or more springs attached to it. This board usually measures about two feet wide and four feet long.

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