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August 20, 2020 3 min read

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The best time to start training for gymnastics is during childhood. All you need to do is gather the proper equipment in order to get started. One of the most important gymnastics training equipment is a balance beam for kids. This is used to foster a strong sense of balance in a training gymnast. Knowing how to stay balanced while standing on a narrow pole is the foundation of so many gymnastics tricks. It is definitely a key skill to develop.

If you are scouting for an excellent balance beam option, try out this great beam from Springee. Need more convincing? Read the review below on its main features. 

Vinyl Cover

Vinyl Cover

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Since you will place the gymnastics balance beam on the ground, it is essential to get one that’s easy to clean. This balance beam has a vinyl covering that’s easy and effortless to clean after use. Vinyl is also very durable to ensure that the beam will not get pierced or cracked even after multiple usages. Vinyl also happens to feel very comfortable against the skin so that your child can practice numerous tricks with little to no slippage. 

Perfect Firmness

Perfect Firmness - Springee

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The problem with some balance beams is their firmness. A balance beam that’s too soft will disable the user from performing tricks, especially if the gymnast is heavy. Conversely, a beam that’s too tough will feel uncomfortable. It lacks the bounce to generate enough traction in order to carry out a gymnastics trick.

The foam has extra firmness so it feels very stable under your feet. It actually encourages the user to take bolder steps in terms of the execution of gymnastics tricks. You can jump and do tumbling exercises without fear of your feet sliding over the edges and making you lose your balance. There is also an extra layer of dense foam at the base of the beam so as to replicate the feeling of actual balance beams. This makes the user performance-ready even while in training.

Lightweight And Portable

Foldable and Lightweight - Springee

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Another great feature of this balance beam is that it is designed to be portable. The beam itself measures nine feet but you can fold it in half for when you need to pack it away or bring it wherever you will go. Its compact size won’t occupy a lot of space and that is so convenient for storage or portability.

Even the weight is designed to make it portable. The portability allows you to transform any normal room or venue into a gymnastics training ground. It’ll only take you thirty seconds to unfold the beam and set it up. You’ll be ready to train in no time.

Safe And Secure

The safety and security of the user should be of utmost importance. Incorrect gymnastics equipment can lead to drastic accidents. One small misstep on a beam that’s too soft or too flaccid is all it takes to get a sprained ankle. Additionally, a beam that doesn’t feel sturdy enough can also make the user hesitant to try out newer and better tricks and exercises.

This gymnastics beam is absolutely safe and secure, perfect for even the most complicated tumbling tricks and exercises. The bottom surface is equipped with 12,000 non-slip gripper dots that ensure that the beam will never budge from the floor, no matter what. The beam is also extra firm so that it can support any trick or tumbling exercise. One final benefit is that it makes the user feel safe and secure enough to go for more adventurous tricks.

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