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August 20, 2020 2 min read

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Maximum Safety At Home

Gymnastic Bar - Springee

Your child safety should be your utmost priority when practicing and training gymnastics tricks. This kip bar is one of the most stable models in the market. Your child can train with confidence and without fear, which paves the way for more complicated gymnastics stunts. Some of the tricks that you can do include:

  • Glide - This is the first part of the basic kip maneuver. Grab the bar then extend the legs in a pike. The hips must be completely open during the glide.
  • Pike-Up - This happens after the glide when the toes are lifted upwards after the swing. The toes are made to reach upwards and touch the bar overhead. This maneuver requires a lot of core strength so the area must be trained accordingly.
  • Pull-Up Your Pants - This movement is named as such because it looks exactly like the movement you do when pulling up your pants. This is a section of the kip routine in motion. You use the momentum of the swing in order to pull up the bar to your waist. This movement requires arm strength and coordination.

The bar is designed to withstand a hundred and forty pounds of weight while moving, and three hundred pounds while still. The metal bars are durable enough to withstand numerous training sessions, no matter how rigorous. They will not crack, bend, nor warp while being used. 

Did you know that this kip bar is formulated with the help of gymnastics coaches? Every square inch of this product is well thought of and optimized for superior performance. One common problem among beginner gymnasts is how their bellies get bruised while training. That is no longer a problem here as the bar is sufficiently padded in order to cushion the user’s torso. Even the bolts are rounded and covered to keep this bar safe for a child. There are no sharp or pointed corners to worry about.


Convenient Gymnastic Bar - Springee

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This kip bar contains all the necessary tools you need in order to assemble it. There’s no need to consult a professional builder as you can get it accomplished by yourself. The nuts, screws, and bolts are all enclosed in the package and are perfectly designed to bind all the parts of the gymnastics bar together. You can also refer to the accompanying manual for clear instructions on how to build the entire thing.


Versatile Gymnastic Bar - Springee

Some gymnastics bars can only cater to a level or two of gymnastics training. This bar is a great option for beginners because it covers levels one to four of gymnastics difficulty. That is made possible by the adjustable feature of the bar. You can simply adjust the length and height of the bar as you go further in terms of the level of difficulty while training. There’s no need to buy more bars at different heights just to be able to train.

You can also go beyond the first four levels and train at levels five to ten. For the latter, the gymnast can perform conditional training sessions like

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