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September 15, 2022 3 min read


A gymnastics skill tracker is a must-have for long-term improvement, especially for young gymnasts. This simple tool is so much more than just a physical record to quantify a skill. It also ensures that every gymnastics move is being performed correctly. These corrections must be done as early as possible to prevent mistakes in the future. Read on below to know why it’s important to have a gymnastics skill tracker.



Skill Tracker

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Better Goal Setting And Achievements

In order to reach a specific gymnastics goal, there must be a clear step-by-step pathway from square one to the end. Reaching a goal requires gathering as much data as possible. Sure, you have the option to wear a Fitbit or any other fitness trackers, but the data they gather are too generic and not at all specific to young gymnasts.

A gymnastics skills trackerclarifies the goal and makes it so much more achievable. Rather than tackling one big and daunting task, the gymnast now has tiny and manageable chunks that help her visualize every step forward. This gives her a clearer picture of what else she needs to do in order to reach the finish line. These are also helpful for managing her expectations so that she won’t get disappointed in herself.

Additionally, this actually boosts her confidence and motivation to reach her personal goals. The feeling of getting to tick off a box and move one step forward is such a huge motivator to work even harder. Seeing all the gymnastics progress presented as data is just so gratifying.

Increases Gymnast Engagement

A gymnastics skills tracker helps any young gymnasts get more invested in their craft. Some young gymnasts only do it because it seems fun or because their parents inspired them to try it out, but that’s not an ideal basis for long-term engagement with gymnastics. The gymnasts themselves have to grow to love the craft, and that is made possible with a tracker.

A tracker clearly outlines what they’ve already accomplished and what else they could do if they put in the work. It’s a good motivating tool for long-term and consistent engagement. Seeing a specific skill marked as “A” is surely gratifying and will motivate the young gymnasts to work harder to earn their next “A.”

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Spot Potential Drop Out Triggers

Gymnastics is very challenging, especially for kids. It requires repetition, skill, patience, and a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears. The only way to be the best in the field is to invest a lot of time in the craft. For some kids, this might feel like too much work to be fun. This feeling will build up until they feel the strongest urge to drop out.

The urge to drop out will manifest in minute signs, like a decline in the quality of their gymnastic moves. There’s actually a trend where students drop out after reaching a certain level or upon reaching their saturation points.

With the help of the Springee Skill Tracker, you can keep a close eye on the quality of their performance and determine if these will potentially lead to dropping out. In this manner, you can preemptively intervene by letting the kid take a break or by changing things up to make the sport appealing again.

Reveal Club Trends

When competing in local or international gymnastics competitions, you need to know the cumulative performance of your gymnastics club. This allows you to determine your strengths as well as weaknesses that you’ll need to work on so that you can win every category.

This is also beneficial for the club coaches. A plateau or decline in the overall trend may mean that the coach himself might need some extra professional training or updated teaching methods.

Makes Home Training Better

Gymnastics is complicated. There are so many tricks to master and they must only be performed correctly. The key to becoming a better gymnast is to practice consistently and to practice at home. Your child can’t exactly bring home her coach with her, so it’s usually up to the parent to supervise.

This gymnastics skills chart helps the parent become a better substitute coach by giving them a few guidelines to follow. They can also gather training data that they can forward to the coach as points for improvement. In this way, the learning doesn’t stop in the gymnastics classes. It extends to home training as well.

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