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September 01, 2020 2 min read


A gymnastics mat is an essential practice equipment for all gymnasts. It creates a safer training area by cushioning the ground and protecting the gymnasts. One of the most remarkable mats on the market is the Springee Gymnastics Mats. These tumbling mats serve as perfect training grounds for the fundamental gymnastics moves that you need to learn as a gymnast.


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Safer Training Environment

The safety of any gymnast should be the utmost priority. It is a dangerous sport which is why the equipment used must always safeguard your wellbeing as a user. A gymnastics mat covers the ground where the gymnastics equipment area is located. It provides a non-slip surface for the kip bars, gymnastics bars, and balance beams. These tools are used for honing many other gymnastic skills and there’s always a chance for your child to fall off of them. In case they do, the mats will be there to cushion their fall.

Perfect Tumbling Practice 

Tumbling is one of the fundamental skills any gymnast needs to master in the world of gymnastics. Your child can perfect his tumbling skills on the Springee matbecause he can do as many trials run as he wants without fear of hurting himself. Feeling secure is key to take bolder steps forward in mastering a skill. The sufficient padding will cushion his hands and his feet upon landing. 

Don’t worry because the mat isn’t just senseless padding. It is firm and thin enough to support the user’s hands and to provide some spring. You won’t sink into the mat and be completely unable to get some bounce when you jump or tumble. 

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Versatile Mats

Gymnastics matshave versatile applications since you can use them for more than just practice drills and training sessions. These mats can also be used for other fields like regular workouts, Pilates, cheerleading practice, and many more.


Perfect Size Tumbling Mat Springee

Springee gymnastics mats are already easy enough to carry around on their own. They’re not unnecessarily thick or bulky unlike the other options so you can just roll them up and pack them with you.

There are even folding gym mat options that you can go for. These are conveniently designed to be portable so that you can immediately transform any blank space into a gymnastics training area.

Perfect Size

These gymnastics mats come in the perfect size to cater to tumbling exercises and cartwheel drills. Each mat measures ten by four feet which are sufficient as a base material for gymnastics equipment. You can also buy multiple pieces to cover a larger area so that your child can comfortably practice his tumbling and cartwheels without risking getting injured by the hard ground. The velcro connectors make them easy to assemble together to form one large training area. Once built, you can transform it into a folding mat that you can bring anywhere you go.

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