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Springee Skill Tracker Xcel and Compulsory L1-7

Springee Skill Tracker Xcel and Compulsory L1-7

Gymnastics is an incredible sport that builds strength, character, and confidence in your child. It can also get pretty complicated...

Springee is here to help! We’ve teamed up with a fantastic coach to build a practical (and cute!) skill tracker for your daughter.

Whether you’re on the Xcel or Compulsory path we’ve got you covered with a list of skills for each level to track progress and keep motivation high.

  • Xcel (Bronze-Diamond) routines are customizable to what your child can do best. They don’t need to master every skill at each level––we’ve included the most popular skills used in competition.  

    The JO Compulsory Levels (1-5) are made up of skills in a set choreographed routine, so you must have all the skills on that list to compete at that level.

    Optionals (levels 6 and 7) have the ability to create their own routines, so we’ve built a list of skills that are most commonly mastered by gymnasts competing at that level.

  • Size: 8.5 x 11
    Material: Paper Poster

  • 2 years on materials and workmanship. For full details click here.